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How To Decorate Your Office Christmas Tree

Posted: 1st December 2017


Your Christmas tree needs to suit the space it’s in – the bigger the room the bigger your Christmas tree can be. Pick a tree that leaves around 5 inches between it and the ceiling as maximum size guide. If you’re struggling for space you can always go for a slimmer tree or something pre-lit to avoid added complications. We advise picking a spot near a plug socket and away from direct heat, that way you can switch on the Christmas tree lights with minimum fuss. Fancy a winter wonderland theme – just pick an artificial tree with snowy branches.



The Christmas lights should always be the icing on your tree. Start from the bottom and work your way up and always make sure the colour of the wire matches the colour of your tree. There are also so many different Christmas light styles you can choose, from colourful to classic white or even flashing styles and larger and smaller string lights – you really can take your pick. Always remember to put your lights on the tree first and work out their position before hanging the baubles, that way they can really shine.



Baubles are the stars of the Christmas tree, if you want to save on costs buy multi-packs of your favourite styles and colours then mix them in with a few individual baubles for a unique look. Add interest by picking a range of shapes and sizes, so it’s easy to fill spaces and create drama. Make sure you scatter your baubles equally around the tree, so you have a balanced look. The fancier the bauble the higher it needs to go, so make sure you let your faves grab all the attention. Why not try creating some extra depth by hanging larger baubles in the centre of the tree.



Don’t leave out the base! When you get a real Christmas tree you’ll need a base to cover up the stump for the finishing touch. We’ve got tree skirts galore, so they won’t feel under-dressed. If you really want to ramp up the festive feel, surround your tree with a Christmas sack and use matching wrapping paper for gifts for an extra special personal touch.


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