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At Mploy, we pride ourselves on the commitment and transparency of our services that are provided to our clients and our workers; therefore, compliance is of paramount importance to us.

Commitment & Transparency

In our recruitment practices, we follow the ethical and legal guidelines as set out and promoted by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, Gangmaster and Labour Abuse Authority, and the Association of Labour Providers. Mploy also places extreme importance on preventing Modern Slavery in our supply chain, so our employees are trained to identify signs and offer advice to people who are considered to be at risk.

Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC)

Mploy is a member of the REC, a professional body for UK recruitment businesses. In our everyday work, we follow professional and legal guidelines as set by the REC to ensure that the services we provide are to the highest standards for our clients as well as our candidates. We actively adhere to the guidelines and updates to legislation as communicated by the REC to ensure that we provide fully compliant services.

Gangmaster & Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA)

The GLAA is a Non-Departmental Public Body which works in partnership to protect vulnerable and exploited workers. Their actions aim to prevent workers exploitation, protecting vulnerable people and tackling unlicensed/criminal activity as well as ensuring that those licensed operate within the law. In 2005 Mploy became the first agency in Dorset to obtain their Gangmaster License. Our decision to obtain this was largely based on our aim to lead and drive industry standards. Over the years our Directors have attended a number of workshops provided by the GLA now the GLAA.

Stronger Together

Stronger Together is an initiative aimed at reducing modern slavery in supply chains, particularly hidden third-party labour, labour trafficking and other third-party exploitation of workers. Mploy as an accredited equal opportunities and ethical employer is committed to working closely with our clients in preventing and abolishing hidden labour exploitation and human trafficking in the supply chain, both internally and externally to the business. As a part of this commitment in 2017 Mploy has become a Stronger Together Business Partner and in 2021 has achieved a Business Partner Advanced status. We can confirm that all our employees have undergone internal training to be able to identify warning signs to prevent Modern Slavery in the supply chain; we provide all our applicants with information on where to look for help if they are ever faced with exploitation and we offer awareness building seminars to all our clients so all of us can work in partnership to try and prevent modern slavery across our supply chains.

The Association of Labour Providers (ALP)

Mploy is a member of the ALP, the specialist trade association promoting responsible recruitment for labour providers. In our everyday work, we follow ALP guidelines for legal and ethical responsibilities to treat all our workers fairly and with respect and to ensure that our practices in sourcing, recruiting and onboarding of workers follow the industry good practice.


Tackling Modern Slavery Policy Statement

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