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What is an apprenticeship and where can it lead?

Posted: 24th April 2019

Find out about different types of apprenticeship and what to look for if you’re considering becoming an apprentice.

What is an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships are real jobs with training – so you can really boost your job prospects by learning skills and getting work experience at the same time.

What is an apprenticeship wage?

A real job means a real wage and money in your pocket. Starting salaries vary depending on your age, the company you’re working for and the level of your apprenticeship. You can view the minimum apprenticeship wage here. With all apprenticeships, there are no course fees and you get paid holidays too.

How you can learn on-the-job

Most of your time on an apprenticeship is spent learning by doing, with support from your work colleagues – people with the very job you’re training to do. You also study towards recognised qualifications. This is often for a day a week at a local college (sometimes called day release). Your study time helps you develop skills and background knowledge relevant to your job.

Apprenticeship levels

There are four main levels of apprenticeship so you can choose to learn at a level that suits you. Around half of all apprenticeships are at an intermediate level, equal to GCSEs (level 2). You can also take advanced apprenticeships and higher apprenticeships. There is now even the option of degree apprenticeships (levels 6 and 7) which are the equivalent of a university degree.

What apprenticeships can I do?

With hundreds of roles in subjects from animal care to IT, apprenticeships can open the door to a wide range of jobs and industries.

Apprenticeships are also now available in subjects such as business consulting and tax, offering an alternative to university if you want to follow a management or professional services career.

What to think about if you’re considering an apprenticeship

The nuts and bolts of your apprenticeship
There are different types of apprenticeship so find out the key details of any scheme that appeals to you:

  • Find out how long it will last
  • Think about what you will learn
  • Research what an average day is like
  • Choosing what you will study and what qualifications you will have at the end

Onto better things… What happens when you finish?
You’re not guaranteed a job with your employer at the end of your apprenticeship, although they may offer you a permanent role. Even if your apprenticeship provider has a track record of employing apprentices, you may not get the opportunity to stay on. Try and consider your future options.

Investigate if your apprenticeship could lead to a job with another company. What opportunities are there for a qualified apprentice in your area of work?  In some instances, more apprenticeships are being created than there are jobs, so it’s worth thinking ahead.

Ready to dive in?

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