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Work Experience

Posted: 14th December 2018

Each year Mploy welcomes students to apply to complete their work experience with us. These are opportunities for you to come and see how the world of recruitment works.

This is not a job or even a try-out for a job, but it is a way to get a better idea of what we do in the recruitment industry.

What will work experience with Mploy provide me with?

Decisions – You’ll get a taste of what a job or workplace is like, so you can figure out if you’re interested in this kind of career

Self Confidence – Working with other people and doing your tasks well helps build your confidence

It looks good – On your CV or UCAS form. Work experience shows you’re enthusiastic and ready to work hard. You can pick out particular achievements to show off

New Skills – Working with other people helps you build the skills employers love to see on your CV

Networking – You’ll meet people at work and might attend meetings or events. You’ll make contacts that could provide a reference or help you in the future

To find out if there are work experience opportunities available in your area, please get in touch with your local branch through our contact us page.

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