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New Year – New CV

Posted: 12th January 2024

It is a well-established fact that the start of the New Year is a time for change, whether that’s trying a new hobby or starting the dreaded diet with a workout plan, most people are planning some sort of lifestyle change. 

So, if you are feeling that the New Year is your time to look for a new job, then you will need to firstly make sure that you have an up-to-date CV to give you the best chance of success. This is crucial when job searching, as giving the most up to date information to prospective employers will allow you to be considered for the best positions available. 

It’s simple as there are only four main points to consider. These are: 

  1. Update your work experience and make sure it is in chronological order, with the latest job role at the top.
  2. Update your contact details including telephone number and email address. This will be how the employer contacts you, so they must be accurate.
  3. Ensure your address / location is up to date and give a clear idea of how far you are willing to travel for work, as this is key for employers to assess ability and willingness to commute. 
  4. Make sure the information contained in the CV is clear, factual and concise; not forgetting that it might need to be tailored for each different job role you apply for, depending on the requirements of the role.

Following these four simple steps might not necessarily guarantee you a new job role, but they will certainly make sure you market yourself in the best light and allow prospective employers to understand your objectives better and therefore determine suitability without having to work too hard to find the information.